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Lebanese cuisine has made its way across the world and has been a big part of Portland food scene. Karam Lebanese Deli and Catering (Karam LDC) is a family run business where the entire Karam family all work together with passion to provide quality Mediterranean food. Tony and Emilien Karam, the owners of Karam LDC have been providing authentic Lebanese food to Portland and Beaverton area for more than 30 years. Tony and Emelien opened Karam Lebanese Deli and Catering with a unique deli setting that offers in-house seating and catering. At Karam LDC, you can order off the menu or pick up items from the deli case that is filled with fresh meals and side orders to take home with. Mr. and Mrs. Karam’s daughter Noel Azar and her Husband Abdo Azar created the house-made gourmet desserts and help run the business. Their son, Karam, takes care of the customer service and catering business.

Karam LDC has been providing fresh and healthy Mediterranean food since the 80’s for everyone who is trying to keep a rich and healthy lifestyle. However, busy lives can keep people from staying on track of their health goal and often lead people to unhealthy fast foods. This year, Karam LDC is proud to introduce Karam Fit make a healthy lifestyle a breeze for you and your family while saving time. Every single meal from their kitchen is made of only natural and fresh local ingredients from scratch to ensure the best quality while providing great taste. A Mediterranean diet has been shown to help with overall health especially with heart disease, metabolic complications, type-2 diabetes, strokes and more. Meals that balance out healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein make great breakfast, lunch and dinner that help people stay healthy and energized. There is a misconception that fats are bad but our bodies need healthy fats such as HDL to combat bad fats such as LDL. Olive oil which is used most of meals is known to be rich in HDL. Healthy fats are an essential part of a Mediterranean diet and we make sure to include them in moderate amounts in our meals. Unlike other fad diets that cause malnutrition and are hardly sustainable, Mediterranean diet is proven to help people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

All Karam Fit meals are packaged in microwave and dishwasher-safe food containers to make meal preparation as simple as possible. The most authentic Mediterranean meals can be enjoyed within minutes at home so that more time can be freed up for quality family time. Karam Fit gives you the option to choose your own meal packages such as gluten-free, vegan, low fat and low carb before they are put together in Karam LDC’s kitchen.

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