Oyatsupan Bakers Brings Traditional Japanese Baking Online 🇯🇵

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Portland had one of the worst winters this year - schools closed, businesses slowed, and traffic was jammed. However, Oyatsupan Bakers, a traditional Japanese bakery located in Beaverton, Oregon, was busier than usual even during a few snowy afternoons. They were able to unload 800 pastries within a couple hours. That's a lot of tasty breads. They don’t have a magical spell to control regional weather but they do have a secret weapon to keep their foot traffic up – the craftsmanship baking process.

Mr. Hiro Horie, executive baker and owner of the bakery, started Oyatsupan Bakers after 27 years of working in the baking industry. Oyatsu means snack and pan means bread in Japanese. Hiro wanted to create a Japanese bakery featuring quality, fluffy, soft, sweet but not sugary snack pastries that can be enjoyed and shared.

Hiro's craftsmanship baking process is very unpretentious: simple but quality ingredients, lengthy but flawless process. He believes, when it comes to ingredients, the lesser, the the better; but time is also one of the most crucial ingredients in baking. His bread making process lasts almost 3 days, which is significantly longer than that of other commercial baking processes. For the best flavor and texture, he buys premium California raisin to make his own yeast water, which is not used in most other commercial-sized bakeries. People come to his store for the quality of his pastries. The pastry lineup can get a little “bizarre” as well; there are curry beef flavored donuts, red bean paste stuffed buns, fried pork buns, mocha green tea buns and many other mysterious but tasty pastries. I never thought a savory pastry would taste that good before. Oyatsupan Bakers was featured by many media outlets, including Oregonlive, Willamette WeekFOX 12KGW 8.

To better serve Portland metro area, especially Beaverton community, Oyatsupan Bakers has partnered with Cherryum to bring their products online. Cherryum is a Portland-based internet startup that delivers local boutique pastries offline.


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