Why Raw Honey is Better than Pasteurized?

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History of Raw Honey

Wild honey has been a natural living human food for thousands of years. First human consumption of wild raw honey dates back to early cave painting discovered in Spain over 8000 years ago. Many primitive civilizations understood the medicinal benefits of wild raw honey and have been harvesting raw honey from wild beehives for thousands of years. Wild honey was recorded in ancient biblical, Greek, Egyptian, Chinese texts as well as mentioned throughout ages by many naturalists and pioneers of western medicine for medicinal benefits. Wild honey, bee pollen, propolis were used as a natural medicine to treat immune system diseases, aid digestive functions, and heal burning and cut wounds by ancient Chinese. Many ancient Native American tribes were also known to use wild honey and bee pollen from wild hives as food and medicine. In ancient Egypt, unprocessed honey was often regarded as sacred and made into a gift to the Gods. Human efforts to domesticating wild bees is depicted in ancient Egyptian arts about 4500 years ago. However, a complete understanding of bee colonies did not occur until 1800 when Europeans first created the movable beehives.

Boyco Foods Raw Honey from Cherryum.com

Nutritional Facts of Raw Honey

Real raw honey is a potent sweetener is a potent sweetener created by one of nature’s most profound creatures – honey bees and comes straight from the beehives. Unlike other highly processed, pasteurized honeys people are used to, raw and unprocessed honeys are nothing like any of these common, cheap, high-glycemic, watered-down commercially processed honeys. Pure raw honey is unheated natural sweetener that still retains all of its nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other medicinal benefits that honey is known for. Honey in raw and unprocessed state is a living food high in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties and used throughout history to reduce inflammation, boost immune system, and aid digestive functions. Some types of raw honey are minimally filtered to produce either a more fluid texture, clearer color or a more uniform product. All raw honey is never heated or pasteurized. Raw honey is a living food that contains up to 80 different biochemical substances that are beneficial to human nutrition and health. In addition to glucose, fructose, bee pollen and propolis, raw honey contains antioxidants, vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, E and K, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, iodine, copper and manganese. Raw honey is also an enzyme powerhouse that improves human digestive function. The primary enzymes present in raw honey include invertase, amylase, glucose oxidase, catalase, beta-glucosidase, protease, esterase, and acid phosphatase. Enzymes from raw honey help improve glucose, fructose and other sugar digestion.

 Boyco Foods Raw Honey from Cherryum.com

Raw Honey Vs Commercially Pasteurized Honey

Many of the commercial honey products found in mainstream grocery stores here in the U.S. are highly filtered and removed most of the nutrient-rich elements and then are highly pasteurized which killed all healthy microorganisms and other health-enhancing components. Ultra processing and pasteurization nearly destroys 100% of all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and vital health-enhancing elements. Some honeys are not even honey but low quality and cheap corn syrups, sugar blended with color, flavor agents and other artificial additives. These fake honeys have been known to be priced at a low price to drive local beekeepers out of business. Some corporate honey manufacturers are known to promote abusive, unsustainable, and inhumane beekeeping techniques as well as use high-fructose corn syrup feeding. We highly recommend supporting local or small scale beekeeping businesses who practice small-scale, low-stress, in-season, local and sustainable beekeeping methods and promote happy, strong and healthy bee colonies. The best honey is produced by these beekeepers who follow these practices and help maintain local biodiversity and ecosystem in balance.

Boyco Foods is a local honey business that moves their own beehives between different fields all year around to keep their bees happy by feeding them with a diverse diet and providing them with a balanced environment. Boyco Foods has been in business since year 1983 and has one of the most exotic product lines that fit every mood at any moment. You can drink your coffee with blackberry raw honey and put raspberry raw honey on your toast. If you feel fancy in the morning, meadow foam raw honey which is so rare will lighten up your mood even more with some marshmallow aftertaste. Carrot raw honey is good for your eyes and buckwheat raw honey is friendly to many people as it has a lower glycemic index than other honeys. If you have allergy or stomach upset issues, go with wild flower raw honey which contains the most enzymes, nutrients and types of pollens from different flowers that supposedly to ease up your symptoms. White clover raw honey is the typical American table honey as the flower is in field for almost half a year but this is raw. Having a nice collection of all 7 honeys in your kitchen can be a delight experience.

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