The Best 100% Oregon Raw Honey for Allergy Season - Wild Flower Honey

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Want to have the best 100% Oregon raw honey for allergy season when PSU Farmers' Market is closed? Well now you can have it delivered to your door! Cherryum in Portland is featuring and delivering Boyco Foods' Oregon Raw Honey to your door.

  • Collected from the most variety of flowers (30+) in Oregon
  • Helped countess customers to get rid of allergies
  • Showed great results in coping with stomach upsets
  • Contains the most variety of enzymes and nutrients
  • Has a well balanced color, flavor and sweetness
  • Helped to maintain flower biodiversity the most

As raw honey, it preserves all the natural minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidant, enzymes and other nutritional elements.  It also works well as a therapeutic antiseptic for topical treatment of wounds, burns and ulcers.

Boyco Wild Flower Raw Honey is pure, unpasteurized and unprocessed honey extracted from more than 30 different types of wildflowers from the 5,000 ft elevation of the Mt. Hood area. Because of its comprehensive coverage, it contains the most variety of enzymes, nutrients and healthy substances that help people cope with allergies, hay fever and stomach upsets.

Provider: Boyco Foods
Location: Portland, Oregon
Quantity 1 Bottle
Weight: 18 oz each
Ingredients: 100% Oregon Raw Honey
Allergens: Honey

What is raw honey and why I want to buy local raw honey? We wrote a blog about this.

*Due to seasonal availability and transportation from the field, certain honey may not be available immediately. For some rare honey, the lead time can be up to 10 days.

Local pickup location will be confirmed through email or text message once an order is placed.

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    • Does this honey help with seasonal allergy?

      We have quite a number of repeating customers buying this honey every year to help with their seasonal allergies. For more information about relationship between raw honey and seasonal allergies, please refer to our blog.