100% Eastern Oregon Buckwheat Raw Honey - The Strongest Sauce

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Have you ever tried the strongest honey in Oregon? If not, you are missing out. Add this to your cart and you can taste what is a strong honey. Made from Eastern Oregon highland buckwheat and born with an attitude of never settling. Best in BBQ sauce and make all weak sauce taste buckwheat strong!! Try it now!

  • From buckwheat, an eastern Oregon winter crop
  • Perfect for glazes, BBQ sauce and etc.
  • This old world honey is the richest in flavor
  • Richer in antioxidants and minerals
  • Lowest sugar content than any other honey
  • Crystallized slowest due to its fructose content
  • Good for people who are too sensitive to sugar
  • Darker color with a richer malty-tone flavor
  • Pure, raw, unpasteurized and unprocessed 

Buckwheat Raw Honey is extracted from buckwheat, an eastern Oregon high country winter cover crop flowers. High in flavor, this old world honey is great for glazes, BBQ sauce and etc. It has a higher antioxidant and mineral content than lighter ones with a darker, richer malty-tone flavor. It has a lower fructose content than any other honey; therefore, it gives a nicely mild sweetness.

As raw honey, it preserves all the natural minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidant, enzymes and other nutritional elements. It also works well as a therapeutic antiseptic for topical treatment of wounds, burns and ulcers.

We were featured by Portland Monthly: Boyco Foods

Provider: Boyco Foods
Birth Place: Portland, Oregon
Quantity 1 Bottle
Weight: 18 oz each
Ingredients: 100% Oregon Raw Honey
Allergens: Honey

What is raw honey and why I want to buy local raw honey? We wrote a blog about this.

*Due to seasonal availability and transportation from the field, certain honey may not be available immediately. For some rare honey, the lead time can be up to 10 days.

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